Angus hughes

How long have you been riding? 5 years

Your go to trick? Whip front scooters

Favourite spot to ride? The shed

Favourite rider? Jonathan Perroni

What’s your biggest riding accomplishment? 2nd in Australian titles 2018

What trick do you want to land that you haven’t? 540 flair bar and double flairs

What is your go to food? Subway

Favourite Emoji? 🔥

Favourite tv show? Family guy

Also, we would love to be able to do a throwback to previous years. If you could pick one of the years that you have entered the Pro Series and write a few lines about that year’s event or maybe your best memory from that year.

My best memory from pro series last year was meeting all the boys from over-seas for the first time and having the most fun I’ve had riding a scooter ‼️

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