Cody Flom

How long have you been riding? Have been riding for about 8 years.

Your go to trick? My go to trick is definitely a deck grab untwist britwist whip.

Favourite spot to ride? Woodward West in CA, or Adrenaline Alley in Corby

Favourite rider? Either Dylan Morrison, or Derek Marr.

What’s your biggest riding accomplishment? My biggest riding accomplishment was probably when I placed 3rd at Nitro World Games in 2017!

What trick do you want to land that you haven’t? CASHROLL! Haha, I have the hardest struggle with this trick but I really believe I can stomp it and implement it into my competition riding game.

What is your go to food? IN N OUT!

Favourite Emoji? 💙

Favourite TV show? The office.

Tell us about a previous year you have competed in the Pro Series and your best memory from that series.

My favorite year competing in Pro Series was definitely 2017. Not only did i finish out the trip with a podium finish of second place, but I was also able to spend loads of time training with some of my good friends. Traveling is amazing, but the real joy of it comes from the people that you get to meet/hang with along the way. I am excited to be a part of Pro Series 2018 because I can’t wait to train even harder for the contests, and to also meet more people that I can call my friends.

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