Hunter Schuetz

How long have you been riding? about 12 years

Your go to trick? Double Inward

Favourite spot to ride? Adrenaline alley or Clairemont

Favourite rider? Kota is my favorite person to watch and ride with

What’s your biggest riding accomplishment? managing to travel full time with just my scooter! or all my inward worldies

What trick do you want to land that you haven’t? I’ve landed Quad inward but never got it on film

What is your go to food? waba grill teriyaki

Favourite Emoji? 🚀

Favourite tv show? I haven’t watch TV in a long time but family guy is always my go to.

Tell us about a previous year you have competed in the Pro Series and your best memory from that series.

Pro series has been amazing every year, seeing each and every rider at different parks for the stops is great because it feels like a big scooter family and getting to see my fellow riders and friend abroad is always the best!

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