Jordan Clark

How long have you been riding? 7 Years

Your go to trick? 540 flair bar

Favourite spot to ride? The Shed skatepark

Favourite rider? Jared Colwell and Ryan Willams

What’s your biggest riding accomplishment? 3x European Champion and 3x World Champion

What trick do you want to land that you haven’t? Triple front flip whip

What is your go to food? Pizza

Favourite Emoji? 🔥

Favourite tv show? Dragons Den

Tell us about a previous year you have competed in the Pro Series and your best memory from that series.

The previous years I have entered the Pro Scooter Series I have loved every minute of the experience but one great moment that sticks out above the rest for me is when I double front flipped the box at Bunker Skatepark in 2015 at the first stop of the series! It was crazy and one of the smallest jumps I’ve done the trick over!

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