Judges for 2018 will be released soon!


Guidelines for Judging Pro Series –

DIFFICULTY – 20 points

Tricks that are difficult to execute
Technical tricks
Difficult lines within the park
Large gaps or high airs will help with a solid point score

DIVERSITY – 20 points

Making sure you are pulling all different types of tricks (spins, grinds, whips, bars, flips, combos)
Pulling diverse tricks on different types of ramp/boxes/rails will appeal to judges and help your score.

CONSISTENCY – 20 points

A run that has been done without any feet touching by mistake or crashes.
Landing everything in your run to your full potential will leave you with a really solid score.

Stacking one trick – 1 point lost
Stacking two tricks – 2 points lost (now you have lost 3 points combined)
Stacking three tricks – 3 points lost (now you have lost 6 points combined)
Stacking four tricks – 4 points lost (now you have lost 10 points combined)
Stacking five tricks – 5 points lost (now you have lost 15 points combined)
Not landing a trick will end with a score of 0.

STYLE – 20 points

Making your tricks look effortless and with ease
Landing up the top of the ramps to keep it nice and clean
Keeping your speed throughout the park making it look as if it’s your local

USE OF PARK – 20 points

Complete a set of tricks in all four quadrants of the park