Will Scott

How long have you been riding: Roughly 6-7 years.. Absoltely loved every bit of it!

Go to trick: Currently; tailwhip, buttercup or a flair, barspin to tailwhip

Favorite spot to ride: Definitely my local skatepark – Brighton, South Australia

Favorite rider: All the original #envyScooters AUS team – Mitch Baldry, Max Peters, Brendon Smith, Aaron Bransdon, Adam Rouse & Warick “Wazzeh” Beynon

Biggest riding accomplishment: 1st place #BSBv3 competition in Nîmes, France with Chris Farris & Michael Ulrich – also winning the ‘Best Trick’.. Such a surreal feeling!

What trick do you want to land that you haven’t? Wait & see..

Go to food: 100% Dumplings alongside a glass of Chocolate milk

Favorite emoji? 😀

Favorite tv show?Batman: The Animated Series – watching it from a very young age..

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